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Netizens React To Video of Beautiful Policewoman Directing Traffic Despite The Heavy Rains

On Facebook, people are praising a policewoman for her dedication to her job.

This policewoman was seen directing traffic despite the heavy rains in a post shared on the platform, and her actions caught the attention of social media users.

The policewoman was seen at Awoshie Baah Yard, according to the caption that accompanied the post.

The post captions;

“Admin please approve
A police woman has been seen passionately directing traffic despite heavy rainfall at Awoshie baahyard to make it easy for drivers, in the video she was offered umbrella but she rejected it, let’s praise her for the good work.

Click here to watch video

Here are some reactions from netizens;

Fiifi Cudjoe wrote; When people like this arrest you… Forget! You heading straight to court

Phil Ikela Paro wrote- As a country we need to hold pple accountable for their responsibility by so doing we won’t be applauding such acts … This isn’t extra ordinary as pple want us to believe . Teachers in the rural areas go thru hell to teach cos they believe that’s the profession they chose… Integrity shd be our hallmark… Do it cos it’s ur job not cos of applauds 🙄

Mckingtorch Makafui Awuku – You can’t hold umbrella and direct traffic. Ghanaians fear rain like we be salt. And it’s as if there is no good and commitment these days so these acts seem extraordinary but it should be normal. At my church I stay in the rain and park cars cos that is the nature of the job

Maloe Nartey – I must commend all the officers who work at Awoshie junction. They’re doing a great job!

Obaapa Lina SakyibeaShe is doing her job biko. Come to the labor ward and see the kind of things midwives uses their hands to do.
Surgeons and Anesthetists going the extra mile to save lives.
Go to the Rural Areas,
Teachers walk in the mud, some get stuck in the mud with their Motorbikes just to go and teach.
Mo ngyai nhwwhw3anim no

Daniel Kpakpo Allotey-Annan wrote – She’s doing a good job; no doubt 👏 ….but if only we could drive a bit more cautiously and considerate in this side of town- Umuofia and apply the “stop sign” right of way rule at cross junctions and intersections, there would be no need for a police to direct traffic in the rain or even when traffic lights are faulty whatsoever!!… some people drive like they’re “mad”!!

Wisdom BoyeThere would have been total confusion if she wasn’t there to direct the traffic. Good job. IGP I hope you are seeing the serious people working

Sparkling PearlSome of you Ghanaians think your eyes have opened ahh ma. Mtseww. There’s nothing wrong in appreciating people for doing their jobs, especially if they go the extra mile. Come and see how Americans pamper their military, firefighters, etc. But no one asked them to sign up for those jobs abi? But people show their appreciation everyday. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Alock Asamoah also wrote– God bless you Officer.
There are more of such good officers in our neighborhood. Let’s appreciate them

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