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Delay Replies Afia Schwar Over Barren Insults – Netizens Hail Her

Deloris Frimpong Manson, better known as Delay, is being praised on social media for her response to Afia Schwar’s ‘barren’ remark.

Afia Schwar took to her page in the early hours of yesterday, May 30th, 2022, to drag Delay into the mud and call her names. Afia called Delay names and insulted her.

“I don’t hate on a barren at 47, I PRAY for them. Nature is already dealing with you anaa u can’t see, sorry your life is delayed!!! WAWE P)T))….Abrabo mu F9 At your age No Child, No man to call your own, and Menopause has set in so I understand your frustration… By the way, I’m busy paying university fees n tomorrow is the P.T.A meeting..( you can’t say this about yourself) The next time you want to run your mouth look for your mates aka your fellow barrens… Mothers are very busy people When you meet responsible Mothers like me ask how much a Montessori fees cost n see how Useless you are as a woman to the society…
Enjoying my hotel in Cannes…Help me tell your boss oh sorry my Ex.”

Afia Schwar was chastised on social media for referring to Delay as “barren.” Many people thought Delay would drag Afia into the gutters in her response.

However, in her response, Delay has shared her photo with the caption “Obiaa Boa” and also with a video of Chairman Wontumi saying that she is as strong as apartheid. Delay has shown her fans and the public that she is too classy to run in the mud.

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