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Different Colours, One People – Agradaa’s Overbleached Skin and Rotten Toes Exposed [Video]

A new video from social media has surfaced, revealing the truth behind Kevin Taylor’s claim that Nana Agradaa’s body is rotting as a result of her bleaching.

Agradaa’s skin appears to be as patchy as the patches on a rotten banana in the video, with different colors popping up everywhere.

With the song Different Colours, One People by Lucky Dube playing in the background, it was the perfect encapsulation of Agradaa’s excessive skin bleaching.

Maame Ng3g3, Agradaa’s social media foe, put together the video, which features backing vocals from the great Kevin Taylor.

Watch it below…

The video comes after Taylor dragged Agradaa through the cleaners in a recent video.

He claimed her skin has been destroyed through bleaching to the extent that her body is now rotten and smells.

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