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Delay Mackerel, Delay Sardine Plus More -Full List Of 9 Companies Owned By Delay Causes Stir

Delay has responded to any audio billionaires doubting her business acumen and credibility by listing the full slate of companies she owns and operates.

You probably know of Delay Mackerel and Delay Sardines, but she has a few others that she revealed during a recent segment on her show.

A few days ago, loudmouthed Diamond Appiah called out Delay and said she’s an audio madam.

According to Diamond, Delay just serves as the face of her companies and isn’t the actual owner behind the scenes.

Delay later replied by taking a trip to the floor of one her factories to prove she’s still the madam.

Diamond laughed at that and said she should provide proof of ownership of the business and stop joking, forgetting she herself has yet to provide proof of any business she claims to own.

Delay replied on radio with a full list of all companies she owns during a rant targeted at Afia Schwarzenegger.

Speaking on why she’s too busy to engage in social media banter, Delay said she has too many companies to run.

After listing the companies, Delay threw a challenge to Afia Schwarzenegger – meet me and let’s settle this like women because no one has time for social media nonsense!

Check out the list of companies owned by Delay below…

1 Delay Sardines

2 Delay Mackerel

3 Delay Spaghetti

4 Delay Shito

5 Delay Tuna Flakes

6 Delay Tomato Paste

7 The Delay Show

8 Delay Advertising Agency

9 Delay Media Distribution Company


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