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Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan are said to have officially broken up.

Michael B. Jordan, 35, and Lori Harvey, 25, became Instagram friends in January 2021, months after dating rumors surfaced. The Black Panther star subsequently said that the two started dating in November 2020, but that they were scared to officially proclaim their relationship at the time.
Jordan told the Hollywood Reporter about their decision to ultimately go public, “The scenario for me was real enough [to discuss].”

According to People magazine, the celebrity couple split up after dating for a year and a half. Jordan and Harvey were “both completely sad,” according to the insider, who didn’t go into detail about what led to the decision.

“They’re still in love,” the person claimed. “Over the course of their relationship, Michael had grown up a lot and was ready to commit for the long haul. With her, he let down his guard for the first time in a love relationship, opening up emotionally. They had a lot of fun together and drew out the best in each other.”

“There’s a conscious strategy of staying out of the public eye that destroys spontaneity and connection occasionally.” I wanted to remove it away and give this the best chance it had of being normal in this strange world we live in. To cut a long story short, I believe it’s just a matter of time. For me, it was the appropriate time. Yeah. “I’m content.”

The breakup has been confirmed by both the couple and their respective camps.

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