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Newly found “Afia Schwarzenegger” Descends On Schwarzenegger; Exposes her lies

Helen Asante Korkor, the new Afia Schwarzenegger, has slammed Fufu Funu for being ungrateful to Delay.

The young actress reacted to Afia and Delay’s fight by calling the former petty, wicked, and extremely ungrateful.

In a viral video, Helen reacted to Afia and Delay’s feud. She claimed that when Afia arrived from South Africa, she was a nobody, but Delay scooped her up, polished her up, and placed her in the ‘Afia Schwarzenegger Show.’ She claimed that Afia arrived in Ghana with a jar full of flies, but that Delay transformed her into someone. She also fed her and her kids, so she owes her gratitude.

Helen went on to say that Delay never mentioned Afia Schwar in any of her videos, but that Afia claimed the fight and cruelly referred to Delay as barren due of her nasty nature.

She threatened to confront Afia Schwarzenegger if she ever hit Delay so severely.

Watch the video below to learn more.

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