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Desperate Lady removes her pant on the street for 200k Naira – Video

A ‘desperate’ lady decided to remove her pants in public for 200k Naira (GH 3,774).

In the viral video, a young man approached a lady strolling along the street and offered her 200K Naira if she could get the bravery to drop her pants on the street.

When the man asked if she was into hook ups, she said that he was even going to visit one of the men she met through hook up, and that she costs 100k Naira for one round of sex.

According to the attractive lady, she earns a lot of money from hooking up and would have earned very little if she did a good job.

The man afterwards told her that he would pay her N100,000 if she could remove her pants on the street.

The lady agreed to remove her pant provided the man offered him 200k Naira.

The lady summoned confidence and almost removed her pant, but she slipped into a trap when removing her pant along the busy road, unaware that someone was filming her, and it was too late for her to realize her mistake, which could have cost her dearly.

The man told her that it was a prank which made the lady feel uneasy.

Watch the video below:

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