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The Real Mother of Afia Schwarzenegger’s Twins Is Revealed. – Video

Afia Schwar and everyone who is rooting for her in her battle with Delay are apparently in jeopardy!

Afia Schwarzenegger may be in worry right now because the situation has escalated to the point where her top-secret could be revealed!

There has recently been speculation that Afia Schwarzenegger’s twins, James and John, are not her real children. Some allege Afia Schwar adopted her twin sons, James and John.

A woman claims Afia owns her children despite the fact that she is not their biological mother.

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She said that James and John’s real mother was a refugee beggar. She gave birth to them, but because she was in financial difficulty and couldn’t provide for them, Afia claimed them and vowed to provide them a better life.

The anonymous lady disclosed that the refugee mother returned to her own country and died, so no one could find her children because they were unaware of their existence.

Check out the video below.

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