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Biography of Ghanaian Actress, Ellen Kyei White

Ellen Kyei White is a celebrated Ghanaian actress, who made her debut in 2014 and has appeared in several Ghanaian films since then.

Having an astute mind and sheer determination are what led Ellen Kyei White to stardom in the movie industry.

She was born on September 30 ( year unknown ).

Ellen White received her secondary education at the Adventist Day Senior High School in Suame after completing her primary education at the Adventist Primary School.


Ellen’s first role in a movie came unexpectedly while on an errand she was sent on in Adum, Kumasi (after graduating from senior high school).

According to Ellen, a film director who goes by the name of Jackson K. Bentum saw something special in her and told her he wanted to bring it to light.

She didn’t know what that “something” was, but it turned out to be acting, and she was cast as Santo’s girlfriend in the film Okukuseku.

Following her role in the Okukuseku movie, Ellen moved to Germany (where she spent 5 years) before relocating to England (where she spent 4 years) to pursue greener pastures.

She decided to return to her homeland after she got beaten by the snow while working in a grocery shop in London after her usual bus failed to arrive after 2 hours.

Her return to Ghana was welcomed by the same director, Jackson Bentum, who ushered her into the film industry and since then, there has been no turning back for the star actress who has even lost count of how many movies she has starred in.


Ellen White is married and has a son.

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