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‘Is Kim Kardashian all right?’ The Kardashians’ star has been chastised for flexing about working despite being sick.

‘Kim Kardashian promoting working while sick just goes to show that we haven’t learned anything from the pandemic #TheKardashians #Hulu,’ a fan wrote.

Kim Kardashian on ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ (Hulu)

Kim Kardashian appears to have missed the memo about canceling the ‘toxic hustle culture’ in favor of health and wellness in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. Following controversial statements such as, “Get your fing a up and go to work. Nobody seems to want to work these days “On the most recent episode of ‘The Kardashians,’ the reality star put her words into action.

Kim traveled to the Dominican Republic to photograph the cover of Swimsuit Illustrated as well as the promotional campaign for her SKIMS swimwear line. Unfortunately, ‘The Kardashians’ star began to feel ill during the flight. Kim went about her work while coughing and complaining of a sore throat. She claimed that as a total professional with a strong work ethic, she would be required to complete her work. The makeup mogul, on the other hand, assured everyone that she had been tested for Covid and that the results were negative. This encouraged her to continue with the shoot.

Fans also chastised Kim for not properly covering her mouth while coughing. “So you don’t need to cover your mouth when you cough if you’re Kim Kardashian? She coughed right into the face of her makeup artist “drew attention to a fan “COVER YOUR MOUTH WHILE COUGHING THIS IS BASICS WTF,” one fan commented. “Okay, Kim, you may not have covid, but you are sick and can still spread shit wtf lol,” one fan explained. “Kim coughing and sniffling all over the place while bragging about how hard she works? That’s ridiculous. If you’re sick in a post-pandemic world, stay at home!! There’s no reason to push yourself or expose others even if it’s not COVID. It’s also exhausting to romanticize “normal” life. When you’re in between private jet flights, going to the grocery store and getting ice cream at Thrifty isn’t “so relatable.” “a fan was added

‘The Kardashians’ is available on Hulu for streaming.

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