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Netizens Go Hard On Twene Jonas After Claiming He’ll Impregnate Delay

Twene Jonas has once again enraged social media by claiming that he will fly Delay to the United States of America and impregnate her.

The Ghanaian social media vlogger located in the United States has promised to make Delay pregnant in order to disgrace Afia Schwarzenegger.

Twene Jonas stated his claims in a video in which he humiliated Afia Schwarzenegger. He criticized Afia once more for her insults on Delay after she referred to her as barren.

Having ‘ash*wo’ children, according to Jonas, is nothing to be proud of. He referred to her as “ugly” and other derogatory terms.

Jonas went to Delay and remarked that if she is truly barren, he can assist her. Jonas stated that he will fly her to America, impregnate her, and give her beautiful children.

Watch Jonas below…

Fans angered by his claim attacked him for disrespecting the ace presenter.

“The Delay part is annoying asf,” one person wrote.

Another fan took the funny side of things.

“Can u imagine Delay and Jonas babies they will be more than beautiful & handsome😂” he wrote.

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