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SAD VIDEO: Kumawood actress loses her sight after receiving Malaria treatment

Aunty May, a Kumawood actress, appears in the Cow and Chicken series.

Aunty May said the nurse who gave me injections had been fired.

Kumawood actress gets a GHC3,800 injection every month to keep her eyes healthy.

Mavis Gyanewaa, better known in the film industry as Aunty May, has revealed her current situation as a result of medical malpractice.

Aunty May, who is currently battling a medical condition, stated that she was treated for malaria in a hospital with three injections, which has resulted in her being blind in one eye.

Her vision became hazy immediately after the shots were administered, and she has since had eye problems.

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“They tested me and found out I had malaria, so they’re giving me injections.” I was given three injections in my buttocks, and my vision immediately darkened. I complained, and the nurse assured me that I would be fine after confirming that I had eaten. But that’s how my predicament began,” she told Oman Channel’s Theophilus Annan.

Despite a doctor’s confirmation that the injection caused her eye problems, she claims that the clinic’s management has refused to accept responsibility for her situation.

“When it happened, I went to them, and one doctor confirmed that the injection had caused a blood clot in the back of my eyes… “When I returned, they had removed my name from their computer,” she explained.

“I went with a lawyer, but they had removed my name from their records.” Even though I had their card, they were unable to locate my records. The nurse who administered the injection to me had also been fired. “One of the doctors told me that they lost my records due to a system upgrade,” she explained.

Aunty May revealed that in order to keep her other eye from going blind, she currently has to go to the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital once a month for an injection.

According to Aunty May, paying the GHC3,400 cost of the injection and the other expenses that come with her condition is never easy.

Mavis Gyanewaa has appeared in a number of films and television shows, including the popular ‘Cow and Chicken.’

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