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Husband Leaves Honeymoon After Learning His Wife Photoshopped His Son Out Of The Wedding Photos.

A Husband was enraged when he discovered that his new wife had photoshopped his 12-year-old son out of their wedding photos.

He took to Reddit to express his displeasure, explaining that he’d stormed out of his honeymoon after discovering his bride’s betrayal.

“We had the wedding planning go smoothly and drama free, so there were no issues whatsoever,” he wrote. “However, I discovered that she had cut/edited out my son from the majority of our wedding photos.”

“At first, I couldn’t believe it was her and thought it was the idiot photographer who did it, but he told me he did it based on her wishes and made her more copies as well.”

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While he was immediately enraged at his wife, she expressed a desire for photographs of just herself and her groom.

The bride’s husband insisted, however, that he did not believe her because “there were still family members who were not cut out of the photos.”

His wife insisted he was making a big deal out of nothing, and she showed him copies of pictures of his son.

“I lost my cool because it seemed like she was excluding him in some way,” he explained.

“The argument heated up, and she wanted to call my son and ask him to demonstrate that ‘he doesn’t care,’ but I told her not to do so and involve him.”

He inquired about the situation with his mother-in-law, who responded that his wife “didn’t mean to exclude my son and I should know that as a bride she must’ve felt overwhelmed and so I should be easy on her.”

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