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A young man who is 20-years-old [email protected] his boss’ wife and two other women after scaring them with a knife.

After scaring them with a knife, a 20-years-old young man raped his boss’s wife and two other women.

At knifepoint, a robbery suspect who is 20 years old raped three women in Katsina, including the wife of his master.

Jume Bello, the 20-year-old young man, was arrested by the Katsina State Police Command for allegedly robbing and raping three women at knifepoint in the Musawa Local Government Area of the state.

At the point of a knife, a 20-year-old man raped his boss’s wife and two other women in Katsina.

Katsina Arrests Jume Bello

In a statement released on Thursday, a spokesperson for the command said that the robbery suspect had admitted to raping all three women, including his master’s wife.

He said that Bello went into the homes of the victims more than once, sexually assaulted them, and stole their valuables.

He said, “On May 31, 2022, at about 9:00 a.m., three (3) women from Jikamshi village, Musawa LGA, went to the Musawa Division to say that at different times, a 20-year-old man named Jume Bello, who lived at the same address, broke into their homes, attacked them with a knife, stole their money and phones, and forced himself into their beds.”

“During the investigation, the suspect was taken into custody and admitted to having done the crime. “The investigation is still going on,” he said.

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In an interview with reporters, the suspect said that he had stolen from and raped the water seller’s wife, who was his master.

“I took some of her money and the money of the other women as well. I scared them with a knife. He said, “I took one of them out to the backyard and had sex with her while I slept with the other two on their wedding bed.”

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