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“I Still Live My Normal Street Life Despite The Fame”-Black Sherif [Video]

Mohammed Ishnail Sherif, a promising Ghanaian hiphop/drill superstar known in showbiz terms as Black Sherif, has said that despite being one of Ghana’s biggest stars at the moment, he still manages to live a normal life.

After achieving such popularity, most Ghanaian celebrities find it extremely difficult to live normal lives. Because of the attention they would receive from their admirers, some people are unable to visit their favorite slum eatery.

Most fans would presume these celebrities have grown wings and never want to mingle with commoners anymore but the reason behind their change in attitude is because of the nature of their work and the requirement.

Speaking in an interview on UTV’s “Atuu” segment with Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey Santana, Black Sherif revealed that irrespective of the fame he has garnered since his emergence into the scene, he still manages to live his normal life.

He said that he still goes after his favorite ghetto food joints and lives his normal street life despite the fact that he is a big celeb now.

Watch the video below:

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