Video Of Nigel Gaisie Attacking His 70yr Old Landlady After Being Asked To Move His ‘Trash’ Causes Stir

A video has surfaced of prophet Nigel Gaisie allegedly assaulting his 70-year-old landlady after he was ordered to remove some items from the house that were causing mayhem for others.

The video shows some men appealing with the elderly woman to let things go, as well as another woman screaming that Nigel Gaisie has threatened to attack her grandma, who also happens to be the landlord of the apartment Nigel Gaisie is currently renting.

The fundamental problem that sparked this fight is unknown, but it involves Nigel Gaisie refusing to follow the landlady’s directions and allegedly threatening to beat her for requesting him to relocate his belongings, which is causing chaos for others.

Nigel Gaisie is known for his prophesies, but today he is in the news for being disrespectful to his landlord and threatening to beat her, according to the landlady’s granddaughter in this viral video.

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