Fuel Prices Expected To Rise Soon

Ghanaians should brace themselves for even more hardship in terms of petrol costs, which are projected to rise in the coming days.

According to a recent study by Joy Business, the price of a liter of diesel will rise by 11.14 %, while the price of a liter of gasoline would rise by 13 percent.

The research also stated that while crude oil prices have not increased globally, they have grown due to an increase in the cost of refining the crude to obtain consumable products.

This was revealed by data from Bulk Oil Distribution Companies, and it is expected that Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) will raise fuel prices on the market as a result.

Petrol is currently being sold at GHC 10.10 per liter, while diesel is being sold for GHC 12.20 per liter.

Prices of other commodities are projected to rise as well, because in Ghana, everything rises in tandem with the rise in fuel prices.

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