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Housemaid captured trying to suffocate colleague four days after employment [Video]

On the workplace, a newly hired housemaid is captured on camera attempting to strangle the life out of her coworker.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, the maid in question is seen fighting with a coworker who had no idea what she was up to.

The narrator of the video underlined the importance of security awareness both inside and outside a known household.

“This was sent in a few days ago.
In the CCTV video, a new maid is seen trying to suffocate a colleague.
Yar aji got a new maid, unknown to her she came with a mission.
This is 4 days after she was employed.
Yar aji sent us a picture of the culprit for yan aji to be weary and vigilant.
She just got sacked and might be looking for a job in Abuja.
Mark the face please.
ALLAH ya sa mu dace.

She was sacked for fighting but daga baya a ka kalli video din aka ga me ya faru,” the narrator wrote.

Watch the video below …

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