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Cardi B admits she still calculates how much money she could have made by stripping.

As the saying goes, “old habits die hard.” Before her breakout success as a rapper, Cardi B reminisced about her former life as a stripper on Twitter last night. Her fans are familiar with the fact that part of Cardi’s rise in stardom was her social media postings, in which she posed with cash after nights of stripping.

Cardi B still has fond memories of her time as a stripper, even though she now raps and acts more frequently. So much so that she still uses some of the abilities she gained while frequenting the nightclubs.

Whenever she visits a strip club, she begins to think about how much money she could have made if she had been working as a stripper instead. The answer is, “I don’t know why…I just do that automatically.”

Interview Magazine published an interview with Cardi B in which she discussed her time as a stripper and how it helped her gain empowerment.

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Cardi said she felt “on top of the world.” In the strip club, “rappers that all these girls lust over would come to the strip club and request me to go to their section,” I felt “so untouchable and so sexy.”

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