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Praso-Jukwa Passage Crisis: Heavy rains cause a larger pit, destroying the Road. – Video

Praso-Jukwa Passage Crisis

News reaching the doors of Ghnewsfile from source displays the poor road management system(Praso-Jukwa Paassge Crisis) that Is at hand. Not long, hours back today, heavy rains were noticed to have started in the towns of Praso, Jukwa, and many others.

Current Situation

The situation on the Praso-Jukwa Passage. in the Central Region is as follows. The road has been divided due to the heavy rain. People shouldn’t be standing in there together, according to engineering principles…

The load on the road has increased tenfold because it was not designed to hold this much load all at once (moving vehicles do not exert this much load at once). You must all disperse or the entire structure will collapse. Citizens are unable to cross the bridge due to the pressure exerted by the moving water.

Source: ghnewsfile,com

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