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Prosecutors Accuse R. Kelly Of Being A “Monster” Who Directed Victims To Have Sex With Strangers, Including His “Nephew.”

Prosecutors in New York want R. Kelly to serve a lengthy prison sentence for his heinous crimes, and they’re going to great lengths to persuade a judge.

The government accused R. Kelly of methodically grooming “the women and girls in his orbit to meet all of his sexual needs,” according to Radar Online. He prohibited his victims from making eye contact with other men, wrote letters confessing to false crimes, and ate feces on camera.

Among other things, the government stated,

“In these letters, they falsely confessed to stealing money and jewelry; they falsely admitted planning elaborate robberies; and one falsely claimed she seduced the defendant when she was underage and threatened to claim he raped her if he refused to engage in sexual activity with her.”

In addition, the court documents revealed:

“[Kelly] routinely required Jane to have sexual contact with other men and women at his direction, including the women who lived with him, his assistants…. And a man he referred to as his “nephew,” whom she had never seen before [Kelly] directed her to have sex with.”

Following a six-week trial, a jury found R. Kelly guilty on all counts of sex trafficking and racketeering in September. While R. Kelly did not testify, dozens of witnesses testified that the disgraced singer had sexual relationships with underage girls and subjected them to sexual and physical abuse.

Prosecutors claim that he

“traveled throughout the United States and abroad performing at concert venues…and recruiting women and girls to engage in illegal sexual activity with Kelly.”

R. Kelly’s sentencing is set for June 29.

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