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DCE Fingered In Teacher Kwadwo’s Sacking Saga Gives Him 2-Day Ultimatum To Retract and Apologize

Hon. Maurice Jonas Woode, the chief executive for the Akrofuom District, has ordered Teacher Kwadwo, a former professional teacher and social media influencer, to retract and apologize for accusing him.

A few days ago, teacher Kwadwo listed prominent figures on his Facebook page who had set him up to be fired from the Ghana Education Service.

Teacher Kwadwo wrote….

“They did everything possible to make me delete this video from my phone but I said no so their next move was to frame something on me and get me sacked.”

  1. Mr. George Sarfo Kantanka, the District Director of Akrofoum
  2. Mr. David Tetteh, The Human Resource Manager of the District
  3. Mr. Charles Clifford Baah, The Public Relations Officer Of That District
  4. Daniel Kweku Gyasi, Planning Officer
  5. Ernest Okyere Eyison, Research Officer
  6. Honorable Maurice Jonas Wooden. He is the District Chief Executive of that area, Akrofoum

The district officer has now demanded that Teacher Kwadwo recant and apologize for accusing him.

The DCE refuted Teacher Kwadwo’s claim that the District Education Director George Sarfo Kantanka and other GES staff members conspired to have him fired from the Ghana Education Service in December 2021 as a result of a video he posted on social media criticizing Kofi Gyaame Basic School. The press conference was organized by the Assembly on Tuesday, June 21, 2022.

“Mr. Michael Owusu Afriyie was not regular to school and the records are there to show. The records also show that he was queried (given several warnings) by the District Directorate, his SISO (Circuit Supervisor) and headmaster. He refused to respond to the queries and the invitations to him from the Directorate to come for discussion on same”, he added.

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