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‘Nkurasesem Kwa’ – Netizens Roast Afia Schwar After Claiming Whiteman Who Helped Her Carry Her Bags Is Her Servant

Following trending on social media for weeks due to a battle with Delay, Afia Schwarzenegger is stirring up controversy once more.

Afia is causing issues on social media even though she appears to be in Greece.

In a brand-new video, Afia flaunted a white man carrying her luggage.

Afia claims that she is hiring a white man as her servant, but her critics bash her online.

Afia is receiving harsh criticism after the video for acting savage and referring to her assistant as her servant.

The whiteman, a cab driver, volunteered to assist Afia Schwarzenegger, but she insisted on filming the entire event because she is a braggart, according to some social media users.

Watch the video below;

Fans are currently roasting Afia Schwarzenegger for posting such an awful video just to tease her critics!

@ Akorfa_Snow wrote: ‘So because she asked the taxi driver to help with her bags 😂😂😂😂smh‘

Mijay2021 also wrote: ‘So in her head, obroni 3sum no, eeeeiii bibinii b3y33 de3n w) wiase😢😢😢‘

@kay_woffintong also wrote: ‘Nkurasesem….that’s their job. Similar to kayayo in the market..it doesn’t mean they’re slaves. 🤦🏾‍♂️‘

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