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There Is Pressure From Family And Social Media To Get Married – Singer MzVee

Ghanaian singer Mzvee claims that she has been under pressure to get married from both her family and her fans.

She claimed that her mother frequently reminds her of a promise she made to her daughter years ago—namely, that she would be married before turning 20—during an interview with Hitz FM on Friday.

She says that because she has not yet established a permanent home, she experiences personal distress.

She said, “I never imagined that it would come to this—that when I publish a photo, other people would be able to remark, “you, be there; don’t go and get married.” Therefore, not only do I feel pressure from the individuals who follow me on social media or the fans themselves, but I also feel a personal, unconscious pressure that I never anticipated having.

“My mother would sometimes give me a call and tell me that it is my turn since all of my sisters have…you told me that you were 27 but now you are 28. The next day, she claimed that she told me that she was 28, but now she is 29”.

She added, “I won’t lie, I get worried these days, but it is there; it’s just that it is not that huge.”

Mzvee turned 30 on Thursday, June 23, 2022, and it appears that the pressure is getting too much for her to handle.

She is currently having great success in her musical career. By releasing her most recent album, 10:30, she is commemorating both her 30th birthday and her tenth year in the music industry.

Her birthday is being commemorated at the same time as this release. She will host a musical experience on June 25 at 10:30 a.m. at the FrontBackAccra as a part of the album and to commemorate her birthday.

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