WATCH: Video of Bruno Fernandes shouting at two Man Utd teammates goes viral

A footage shows Bruno Fernandes yelling at his Manchester United teammates.

They could overhear the Portugal ace urging them to “stop being such ballers.” The star player can be seen shouting at Fred and full-back Alex Telles in a video that has gone viral on social media.

They were filming just outside the club’s training facilities. The general consensus is that Fernandes was joking.

The former Sporting Lisbon attacker, Fernandes, added: “You are here to play football, not film it!” What followed was a series of swearing and general unpleasantries between Fernandes, Fred, and Telles.

The star is thought to have said with irony “film my dk”, according to translation. Brazilian star Fred replied: “Chill out you f**r!”.

The incident has been doing the rounds online and people have been giving their own take.

Watch video below;

Some reactions to the video below;

One wrote: “I hope Fernandes was serious and not joking.”

Another said:” I think the pen merchant needs to focus on his game more.”

One wrote: “Those were fans against Bruno not teammates, stop spreading fake news.”

But another one responded: “If you’ve seen the video you would know it’s not fake news. Bruno said that to both Telles and Fred. Next time get ur “info” correct before saying it’s fake lmao”

Another said: “Lol why did this just make my entire day, Love Bruno.”

One fan tweeted: “Nobody needed this summer vacation more desperately than Bruno. He needs to recharge, seems to be really stressed out Lol”.

Telles was filming with a Brazilian football marketing agency, O Clube Football. The idea was to give a glimpse into the modern footballer.

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