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WATCH| Zimbabwean Slay Queen Angelica Sandie Returns After Being Scammed By Lover In Kenya

Angelica Sandie, a Zimbabwean TikToker, has returned home after a hectic period.

Sandie went viral on social media after she was duped while visiting a lover she met online in Kenya.

According to Sandie, she traveled to Kenya on June 13 to see her online lover. She claimed she had no idea her lover was a drug dealer.

Sandie and her unnamed lover had been dating for six months before she decided to pay him a visit in Kenya.

Angelica Sandie

She claimed the lover told her he was from Kenya when he was actually from Sierra Leone.

Angelica Sandie stated that three cars hijacked them on their way to Mombasa. The hijackers took everything they had, including a suitcase full of cash worth at least $250 000.

Sandie was only left with her clothes, and luckily her passport was in the pocket of her jacket.

Her boyfriend was shot in the knees and thrown by the side of the road.

The Zimbabwean Embassy in Kenya took in Angelica Sandie. She made videos asking for help from well-wishers to pay her plane ticket back to Zimbabwe.

Several Zimbabweans stopped by and bought her a plane ticket back to Zimbabwe.

Angelica Sandie thanked everyone who helped ensure her safe return in a video posted shortly after she arrived home. Sandie stated:

Finally, my Zimbabweans, I have returned home. Thank you so much for your help, guys. I’ve returned home. Let me call my daughter; I’m sure she’s eager to see her mother…

Check out this video of slay queen Angelica Sandie after she arrived in Zimbabwe from Kenya:

Source: Ghnewsfile.com

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