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Janet Jackson posted a throwback photo of her and Michael Jackson on the anniversary of his death.

On the 14th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s passing, Janet Jackson paid tribute to her late brother by performing a Michael Jackson song.

On Saturday, the singer, who is now 56 years old and was seen posing with the King of Pop, who passed away on June 25 from cardiac arrest at the age of 50, shared a throwback photo of the two of them together. Michael Jackson died on June 25.

The vocalist behind the song “That’s the Way Love Goes” only included a single heart emoji in the caption of her post.

The adorable photo showed the siblings grinning while they were standing close to one another in a window against the backdrop of a city skyline.

The legendary musician was seen wearing his signature black fedora and a denim shirt, and his younger sister was seen wearing a black tank top. Both were dressed in black.

Through the years, Janet has paid tribute to Michael in a number of different ways, one of which is by publishing an Instagram post every year on August 29 to commemorate his birthday.

On the other hand, she has admitted that her relationship with the artist who has won 15 Grammy Awards was difficult at times.

In the documentary series titled Janet Jackson, which aired on A&E and Lifetime earlier this year, the singer revealed that she and her brother Michael were extremely close when they were children, but that they gradually grew apart as they got older.

The singer who had the hit “All For You” said that she, Michael Jackson, and Randy Jackson shared a special bond when they were children. She was the youngest of ten siblings. Randy Jackson was their older brother.

Janet recalled that Randy, herself, and Mike were close friends, and that the three of them were like the three amigos or the three stooges.

Despite the fact that they were very close during their childhood, the Poetic Justice actress revealed that she was hurt when Michael teased her about her size.

“There were times when Mike would make fun of me and call me names,” she said. “I tried to ignore him.” “Slaughter pig, horse, cow, and pig for the slaughter,” Janet said.

She admitted that “He would laugh about it and I would laugh too, but then there was somewhere down inside that it would hurt,” and she went on to explain that “When you have somebody say you’re too heavy, it affects you.”

The days when Janet was a child star on the legendary sitcom Good Times in the 1970s can be traced back to the beginning of her struggles with her weight.

She admitted, “I’m an emotional eater, so when I get stressed out or something is bothering me, it comforts me,” and she ate when she felt stressed or upset. “I did Good Times, and that’s when I started having problems with my weight and the way I looked at myself,” she said.

Janet Jackson has stated that she and Michael “started going our separate ways during his meteoric triumph as a solo artist,” despite the fact that the Jackson siblings were close as children.

In November of 1982, when Michael was 24 years old and Janet was 16, the album Thriller was released, and it quickly became the album that sold the most copies of all time.

She explained, “I remember loving the Thriller album, but for the first time that’s when I felt it was different between the two of us, that a shift was happening.” “I remember loving the Thriller album.”

“He would always come into my room and we’d talk, and at this particular time, he came into my bedroom,” she said. “He came into my room.” After he stood up and exited, neither one of us said a word to the other before he left.

In her revelation, Janet stated, “At that point in time, Mike and I began going in different directions.” It’s just that he wasn’t nearly as entertaining as he used to be.’

By the time the decade of the 1990s had passed, they had collaborated on a song called “Scream,” but they were frequently kept apart while the music video was being filmed.

Michael Jackson shot at night, and I shot during the day. His record company would put up barriers during his performance, preventing me from seeing what was going on. She divulged that the production did not want her on set.

That harmed me because I had the impression that I was there to fight alongside him rather than to compete with him.

I wished that we could pick up where we left off between the two of us, but it didn’t feel that way. Janet remarked that the good old days were a thing of the past.

The singer also reflected with regret on the ‘frustrating’ career setbacks she endured as a result of standing by Michael during the 1990s when he was accused of child molestation. She did this because Michael was a close friend of hers.

“Even though he is my brother, that has nothing to do with me,” Janet insisted, adding, “But I wanted to be there for him, to support him as much as I possibly could.” “We have our own separate lives, and even though he is my brother, that has nothing to do with me.”

The action that Coca-Cola took, which she now refers to as “Guilty by association,” was to withdraw from a deal that they had been discussing with Janet.


Despite the fact that Michael was cleared of the charges in 2005, the allegations have continued to be discussed in public, most recently in the 2019 documentary series Leaving Neverland.

On the other hand, Janet revealed that the last time she saw her brother before he passed away, the two of them had a heartfelt conversation as their last shared experience together. She recalled that the event took place while they were both present at a surprise party for their parents, Joe and Katharine, and that it was during that time that it took place.

She described the scene as follows: “He was sitting next to me, and he was laughing like crazy, and he had that deep laugh, and I remember him looking over at me…

And the very last thing we said to one another was “I love you,” and after that, I never saw him again.’

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