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Maryse trends after posing a steamy photo of her backside while washing her hair.

Maryse did not participate in the “Miz TV” segment that was featured on the episode of WWE RAW that aired this week; however, she was active on Instagram on Monday.

Maryse is under the impression that she won a competition that appeared to be a showering contest between herself and her husband The Miz to show off their posterior regions. Maryse believes that she came out on top. The woman who formerly held the title of WWE “Divas” Champion shared several photos from the event on her Instagram account.

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Maryse received comments on the photograph that she had uploaded to her Instagram account from several different people. Among these were Kayla Braxton, Eva Marie, and Torrie Wilson, amongst others.

Braxton simply replied with,


Torrie Wilson also posted a 🔥 emoji, while Eva Maria chimed in with the following:


You can check out the photos below

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