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Efia Odo explains why she has stopped talking about Kwesi Arthur and reveals the reason behind her silence.

Ghanaian socialite Efia Odo has revealed the reason why she has stopped talking about Ghanaian rapper Kwesi Arthur. Kwesi Arthur is also from Ghana.

This information was shared by Efia Odo during a recent question and answer session with her devoted followers on Twitter, one of the most popular social media platforms.

She was responding to a question on whether she would accept to become the rapper’s girlfriend if he proposed to her when she stated that many people believe that she is overly enamored with the musician, which is why she has chosen to avoid him. The question that she was responding to was whether she would accept to become the rapper’s girlfriend if he proposed to her.

The question reads;

“So will you date Mr. Arthur if he decides to propose to you atm Cause you kinda seem so obsessed with him lol. No insult intended and I’m the biggest fan of yours by the way. I admire you a lot @Efiaodo1”

She replied saying;

“Reasons Why I’ve stopped talking about him cuz y’all create this narrative that I’m obsessed with him. I love his music and his music only. We’re friends and that’s all we will ever be”

Ghanaians have long held the belief that Efia Odo and Kwesi Arthur engaged in some form of romantic relationship, which led them to believe that the two were trying to keep their relationship a secret.

To refresh your memory, after the release of Son of Jacob, Efia Odo became the topic of conversation everywhere she went. Efia Odo was seen wearing a dress that had the appearance of a net and allowed her nipples to be visible through the dress. Her choice of clothing caused a lot of people to raise their eyebrows, and some even called for her arrest.

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