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Tiktoker Khaby Lame Set To Work With Will Smith In Movie?

Khaby Lame, a well-known Senegalese Tiktoker, may make an appearance in Will Smith’s upcoming movie after his self-imposed exile.

Lame has admitted that he wants to move from Tiktok to acting, and Will Smith is currently his top aim.

The Senegalese-Italian actor told TMZ that the Fresh Prince is his biggest inspiration and that when he begins his acting career, he wants to work on a movie with Will Smith.

He claims that he wants to enter the acting industry in order to advance his career.

He claimed that Smith’s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air served as his greatest source of career inspiration. Lame declared that the chance to collaborate with the Oscar-winning actor would be a dream come true.

Speaking on Smith’s unsettled Oscars slap of Chris Rock, Lame noted that everyone deserves a second chance and that everyone makes mistakes.

Khaby Lame, who was born Khabane Lame, has the most followers on Tiktok. With a staggering 142.6 million followers, he recently ousted fellow creator Charli D’Amelio to claim the title of most popular Tiktoker worldwide!

Lame joined Tiktok in the midst of the pandemic after losing his job in an Italian company. He rarely speaks in his videos and mainly reacts to them with amusing facial expressions.

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