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Grace Africa: A TikTok star with 1.3 million followers plans a party, but not a single fan shows up.

Grace Africa, a Nigerian TikTok influencer, has been in this situation and went on social media to talk about how embarrassing it was for her.
The woman with 1.3 million followers on her verified handle talked about how she once set up a meet-and-greet but nobody showed up.

In a TikTok video she posted about the failed event, a woman can be seen standing in front of a black structure that looks like a table and has some African jewelry on it.

In another video, the influencer can be seen talking to her mom on the phone about how no one showed up to the event.

On the other end, her mom was surprised and asked why people didn’t know about it.

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She tried to end the phone call with her mother by saying she needs to go cry.

But in response to what people said, Grace Africa said she didn’t cry even though the event didn’t work out.

Watch the following video:


Reply to @co.bby told my mom and this was her response😂 #nigerianparents

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