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Rev. Obofour tricked me into killing my mother because he told me she was a witch.

A member of the Anointed Palace Chapel, whose name has been changed for security reasons, said that Rev. Obofour tricked her into killing her mother.

Manasseh leaked an audio file to the church on Facebook. The church said that she had been outside of Ghana, but in her dreams, she kept seeing her mother chasing her.

She said she went to Rev. Obofour’s church and paid a lot of money to get comfort from him because she was afraid.

He said that when he met him, Rev. Obofour told him in a bold way that her mother is watching her and putting spells on her.

She said that after she heard this, she told her other siblings, who then started to be mean to their mother.

The member of the church said that they mistreated their mother until she died, and then they talked to her ghost, who told them that she wasn’t a witch, but that Obofour had made her kids hate her, so she died of sadness.

The church member said that her mother’s ghost promised to treat Obofour the same until he died.

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