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Don’t call it “open teeth” or “gap teeth” any longer. Using This Phrase Is Appropriate;

A diastema is the term used to describe the space between the two upper front teeth. When referring to a missing tooth, use the phrase “diastema.” To describe a gap between two teeth, the word “gap teeth” is wrong.

Make sure you say this correctly because there are numerous reasons why this gap exists. You can call it a gap tooth, but diastema is the correct term. It’s also possible to say “open teeth,” although this is wrong.

Diastema” is the correct term for describing a gap teeth. It has a more scientific ring to it, and you know you’re not referring to your pearly whites.

Between the teeth, there’s a gap known as a diastema. It’s safe for kids and adults, and it’s common in both. When a child’s permanent teeth erupt, the gap usually closes. However, gum disease or pregnancy can also cause diastemas, which are frequent among people of all races and ethnicities.

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