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GRA Drops List Of New E-Levy Charges After Full Implementation Takes Effect – Check It Out: Public Notice Served;

Several additional e-levy charges have been announced by GRA following the start of the complete deployment on one common platform.

E-levy deductions can now be made through the Authority’s previously announced development of a unified platform to capture all transactions. Some clients were given a few exemptions per wallet, per account in phase one of the tax before the full deployment on a shared platform.

Using two different accounts, for example, a consumer could receive some relief while sending GHC 100 to two different recipients.

There will be no exceptions to charges for wallet-specific and account-specific transactions if the single platform is fully implemented.

Transaction fees would be applied to all transactions regardless of the number of wallets or accounts involved.

Isaac Amoako, a member of the e-levy implementation group, has been discussing the new charges with JoyNews.

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“When you transfer the first 100 that is provided, you realize that in phase one the exemption was enjoyed per wallet, per account, so if you have two wallets, you practically enjoy 200 each day. When using the standard platform, you will only get $100 instead of $200. Secondly, if you use the Ghana card to send to a number or an account that you own and have updated both numbers with the Ghana card, you won’t be charged for the transaction. If you haven’t done this, you will be charged for the transaction.

To be a “merchant,” one must accept payment for goods or services from customers via one of these payment service providers. In the second phase, we didn’t put in place a third leg, which we are now doing. Your clients will be hit with e-levy if the merchant isn’t registered with the GRA for income tax or VAT.”

After the full implementation of E – Levy is complete, the GRA publishes a list of new charges.
The Ghana Revenue Authority stated that the e-levy would be implemented in a modified-phased way beginning on May 1.

The results of a GRA assessment of charging entities’ general readiness to integrate with the E-Levy management system have led to this conclusion.

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