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US Senator Tiara Mack Shares Video Of Herself Twerking In Her Bikini On Tiktok, Citizens Drag Her Afterwards

Tiara Mack, a 28-year-old Rhode Island State Senator, has responded to criticism for twerking in her bikini and posting on TikTok.

On July 4, the Democratic Senator posted a TikTok video of herself twerking upside down in a bikini.

She proceeded to say, “vote Senator Mack.”

The caption read, “a promised senator thirst trap at Block Island.”

Her video led to criticisms and she responded on Tuesday, July 5.

She tweeted: “Damn. Twerking upside down really makes the conservative, unhinged internet accounts pop off on a Monday.”

US Senator Tiara Mack receives heat for twerking in her bikini and posting on TikTok; she responds

She added in one video: “I’m not a regular senator, I’m a HOT senator.”

She also released other videos where she responded to her critics.

Watch below.

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