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When Tracey Boakye showed up to an East Legon celebration looking messy, Lady scolded her.

A video of an unknown woman making a stunning claim about Tracey Boakye has gone popular on the internet.

Tracey Boakye, according to the lady, dislikes taking a shower or a bath at all, especially while going out.

She came clean about something, and People say Tracey doesn’t bathe because she always appears dirty on television.

While Tracey does bathe, the lady mentioned that she doesn’t bathe to look presentable before a performance.

During her interview, she disclosed that the actress’s feet get soiled whenever she goes on stage at public events.

Tracey’s recent presence at the Ghana Music Awards UK nominees’ introduction was insulted by an unnamed lady.

The way she saw it, Tracey’s outfit was sloppy and she was wearing a bra around her neck, she said. What is it about Tracey Boakye that attracts such attention?

Video below:

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