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A man dies after drinking an entire bottle of 35 percent spirit in two minutes to win £10. (VIDEO)

A South African man died after drinking a full bottle of 35 percent spirit in two minutes to win £10.

The unidentified man went to the store in Mashamba, Limpopo, during a competition to see who could finish a bottle of alcohol fastest.

He took the challenge and drank the bottle in two minutes, but then collapsed.

The 25- to 30-year-old man was rushed to the hospital but pronounced dead on arrival.

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The drinking challenge prize was R200 (N5,000) or £10.

Limpopo Police Command confirmed the incident.

Police in Waterval outside Louis Trichardt have opened an inquest after an incident of apparent alcohol misuse at a Mashumba Village liquor store, where patrons allegedly participated in a ‘drinking competition.’

“The winner who finished a bottle of Jägermeister in time would get R200.”

“One of them collapsed and was pronounced dead at the clinic”

A social media video shows the deceased being encouraged to drink alcohol.

Video Below,

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