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Last Moments: Video Emerges of Ugandan Couple Having Fun Hours Before Being Killed by Train

A touching video has emerged on social media depicting the final moments of a Ugandan couple who died in a tragic accident.

Norbert Tizikara, 32, and his lover Caroline Aturinda died in the early hours of July 10 after their vehicle was hit by a train on a Ugandan railway.

A video that went viral on social media showed the couple who died together having fun and cuddling.

According to a Ugandan journalist who also uploaded the film, the clip was captured just before the duo’s grisly demise at the railway station.

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Tizikara and Aturinda were spotted hugging and smiling, completely unaware of the disastrous date they had with fate seconds later.

“Rest In Peace: Couple; Nobert Tezikara and Aturinda Caroline, victims of the railway crossing disaster, had fantastic moments before hitting the road,” tweeted Nyamate, a ChimpsReports journalist.

Unfortunately, after the party, the couple and another woman identified as Anne got into their car to return home, but they did not arrive.

“According to the train driver, he hooted before reaching the level crossing, as is customary. He claimed he had his headlights flashing brightly for other motorists to see, but he believes the accident was caused by the recklessness of the automobile driver,” Uganda Railways Corporation said, as quoted by the Daily Monitor.

Video surveillance

Netizens were stunned to learn of the couple’s death, especially after Closed Circuit Television footage of the collision surfaced online.

The train, with its flashing lights, is seen approaching in the video just as the driver of the automobile attempts to close the line.

The train is shown smashing the automobile to bits in a terrifying scene. According to reports, the woman died on the spot, while the male perished shortly afterwards.

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