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A pastor recently scolded a woman on TikTok for eating while alive and did not hesitate to attribute biblical overtones to her conduct.

According to the unidentified clergyman, the lady’s actions are bad and intended to enchant males on all social media including Tiktok

Interestingly, the so-called man of God claims that the manner she eats is sexy and may lead men to seek out prostitutes to sleep with because it is out of the ordinary.

View the video below;

In an unrelated incident, a Nigerian guy residing overseas has informed his TikTok friends that the room he rented is near a graveyard, which causes him goosebumps every night since mysterious noises originate from the location.

He had no idea his new apartment was near a cemetery until he moved in. As a result, he bemoaned in an internet video that he hears voices at night that he believes originate from the graveyard.

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His supporters questioned why he did not verify the accommodation before paying, to which he replied that he paid online.

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