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I have infected approximately 20 guys on campus with HIV – University Lady Admits

A lovely and well-endowed University lady (the lady’s identity and the university in issue are unknown) confesses to infecting roughly 20 males on her campus with HIV.

The surprising disclosure was made by the lady while remaining anonymous in an online chat that has since gone viral.

The Lady began her narrative of her interactions with these school boys and how she came to infect them with the deadly viral sickness by wondering why some of the males on campus have no fear and instead go for whoever is wearing a skirt.

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According to the HIV-positive university lady, guys on campus have been using and dumping her like garbage, thinking they’ve gotten away with it but being clueless of the reality behind the show.

She described how she infected the boys (20 so far) with the dangerous and feared sexually transmitted disease on the chat. She always has a cut in her mouth, or rather in her ‘honey pot,’ when she has sex with the boys.

Deep kissing her makes it easier for the virus to enter the boys because she has a cut in her mouth, and having unprotected intercourse with her is the easiest way for her to tranIt smit the disease.

Surprisingly, the woman disclosed that she only had a few days to live and has so discontinued her HIV meds. Knowing she is about to die, all she does is gladly give up her body.

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