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They Should Go and Learn Sense – Ken Agyapong Goes Hard On 15 Chairmen Who Endorsed John Boadu

Kennedy Agyapong could on 15 party chairmen who had openly backed John Boadu prior to the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) National Delegates Conference.

According to him, it is the first time in the political party’s history that the Chairmen have publicly endorsed a candidate before an election.

He remarks that they should have submitted their resignation if they were intelligent because that is extremely worrying.

These individuals, according to Kennedy Agyapong, are the source of the political party’s division, and the sooner they stop their dishonorable behavior, the better for the political party’s future.

Wontumi should cool down, he should cool down because he doesn’t own this political party. Yes because the way he was behaving and whipping all Chairmen to raise their hands reluctantly. All of them have been embarrassed if it were somewhere all the Chairmen would have resigned.

I’ve learnt my lesson that the disunity in the party stems from the fact that leaders in the party openly support so this time I said to get unity in the party I’m not going to openly support anybody. If you’re good and the people believe in your work, they will vote for you. So I stayed away.

But for the first time in the history of NPP political party you see 15 chairmen raising their hands because they’ve been whipped. They should go and learn sense that if you’re party chairman and you starve your people down there you cannot change their minds and that is the decision we have taken,” he said.

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