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After Amber Heard’s victory, Johnny Depp and his alleged new love storm Italy to chill – Photo

Following reports that he was seen in Italy with a lady other than Amber Heard, American actor Johnny Depp has generated controversy.

The renowned actor, who recently prevailed in his legal battle with Amber, his ex-wife, appears to have moved on with relative ease.

After the controversy regarding Amber Heard was resolved, Johnny was spotted out and about making love with a gorgeous redhead.

Johnny Depp was spotted in Italy’s streets before his scheduled appearance with Jeff Beck at the Umbria Jazz Festival.

You may already be aware that Johnny and Jeff have been performing as a two-man band for over a month.

Johnny was spotted getting out of a van while accompanying a gorgeous female pal to rehearsals.


The only person cruising with Johnny seemed to be the enigmatic woman, as she was occasionally seen handing him a bag.

According to rumors, she might be a roadie or staff member for Johnny’s Italy trip.

On the other hand, the unproven rumor that refers to the girl as a love interest is more popular on the internet.

Since there was no obvious PDA, there wasn’t enough evidence to establish that the couple was dating.

The fact that the redhead appeared to be enjoying being with Johnny, though, is what is really important at this point.

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