Kennedy Agyapong Furiously Exposes Agradaa’s Dark Secrets Days After She Insulted Him

As he turns his attention to Nana Agradaa in response to her insulting him in a video, Kennedy Agyapong has chosen a difficult battle.

The reborn evangelist recorded herself tearing Kennedy Agyapong to pieces over some comments he made about her.

She believed that Kennedy’s inability to protect her secrets made him an unsuitable candidate for the presidency.

Kennedy’s actions hurt her, but the outspoken woman insisted she was not afraid of the lawmaker.

Many of the things Nana Agradaa said may have been controlled if she had been a bit calmer since she was so enraged.

When that video went viral, we anticipated Kennedy would respond with the same energy if only he saw the video.

Well, unfortunately for Nana Agradaa, Kennedy may have seen the video as something seems to have triggered him.

In a trending new video, Kennedy is heard on live television narrating the dark secrets Nana Agradaa told him and his friends in confidence.

He did not hold back words as he exposed Nana Agradaa and her dark ways.

Check out the video below.

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