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Late Prez Atta Mills’ Body Allegedly Missing, Tomb Tempered – Brother Fumes

Samuel Atta-Mills, the brother of late President John Evans Atta Mills, has accused an unknown group called the ‘Atta Mills Institute and the Coastal Development Authority’ of tampering with the former president’s tomb without the family’s consent.

The late president, John Atta Mills, will be remembered for the tenth anniversary of his departure in 2012. The family, according to the brother, does not recognize the alleged institute that tampered with Atta Mill’s tomb at Asomdwee Park.

Addressing the press in Parliament, Samuel Atta Mills said “A group calling itself Atta Mills Institute that the family doesn’t even recognize, and Coastal Development Authority, have gone to break the grave of President John Evans Atta Mills. They have removed the tomb, and they claim that they are rebuilding it.”

“My question is that we have a family tradition. Now that they have touched someone’s grave, is the body still in there? Who has the body? Why will you touch the body without informing the family head? Under whose authority?”

“Why do they want us to always go through grief? This is a former president, why will the government allow this to happen? This is an insult to the family and the nation”, Samuel Atta-Mills added.

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