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Don’t ask for my number if you use Android phone – GH Lady to men

For reasons best known to them, most ladies today regard an iPhone as a status symbol, and as a result, they treat iOS users more warmly than Android users.

Some of the most expensive Android phones on the market today are the Samsung Ultras, Google Pixel Pro 6, Vertu Signature Cobra, and Diamond Crypto Smartphone.

On Twitter, a woman with the handle @ForeverPurple reported that she refused to give a gentleman her phone number this morning because he had an Android phone.

That is to say, the dumb by-force slay queen with a fragile ego believes that any man who owns an Android smartphone is not up to her standards and, as a result, does not merit her friendship or love.

She tweeted; “Early morning like this you wanna take my number with your android phone that doesn’t have a name..Boi333”

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