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Evangelist Nana Tupac Shakes Her Backside After Heavy Drinking At A Pub [Video]

Evangelist Tupac, also known as Nana Agradaa, has been seen getting wild in a bar after spending time with friends and family.

While out having fun with her group, the enraged evangelist was identified in a secular video that quickly gained popularity on social media.

As her audience was made up of her pals, Nana Agradaa set up her stage close to a table with drinks in glasses.

As soon as she felt comfortable, she started to move her body in sync with the song playing in the background of the video.

She was applauded as she moved. When she got into it, the cheers got louder, and she boogied like no one’s business.

Nana Agradaa quickly turned around and began shaking what her mother had given her.

That was possibly the most exciting part of the video.

The applause grew louder as her audience didn’t expect her to break it down so well.

Watch the waist-breaking, jaw-dropping video below.

Netizens’ reactions were unsurprised as they anticipated such a video from the evangelist.

Check out a few of their responses below.

“Go to the pub on Saturday, church on Sunday” is probably Nana Agradaa’s new mantra for us to live by.

And that’s on periodt!

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