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Nigerian lady who travelled to study Nursing in US becomes a professional pilot (Photos)

Miracle Izuchukwu, a Nigerian woman living in the US, has described her journey toward becoming a successful pilot there.

She claimed in a BBC interview that she went to the United States for nursing program some time ago without realizing that God had other plans for her.

Despite her initial desire to become a pilot, her parents disapproved. Her father forewarned her, saying that if he boarded a plane and saw a female pilot, he would cancel the flight.

Her mother advised her to study nursing, which she did when it was time to leave for her studies in the USA.

Her situation changed, though, when she met a man in the USA who suggested she train to be a pilot. He also pledged to assist her in pursuing her dream of becoming a pilot.

She couldn’t refuse such an offer, so she agreed. She then started her training. Today, she has a license to fly and is a certified pilot, abandoning her original ambition to become a nurse.

The astute woman claimed that despite their initial disapproval of her work decision, her parents are now really proud of her.

Photos below;

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