Over 6 Million Customers Have Not Registered Their SIM Cards – MTN Ghana

Approximately six million consumers have not yet registered their SIM cards with the Ghana card, according to the country’s most popular telecommunications provider, MTN Ghana.

Prior to the deadline of July 31st set by the National Communication Authority NCA, MTN has asked its customers who haven’t registered their SIM cards to do so.

The Ghana card is the only form of identification that may be used to register sim cards, according to the National Communications Authority, which has given citizens until July 31.

A SIM card’s data, including its transactions, will be protected by registration with the Ghana card, according to NCE, which will assist stop fraud. It will also assist in identifying legitimate sim cards from every network.

Eli Hini, the chief executive officer of MTN Mobile, revealed that more than 6 million of the company’s 17 million customers have yet to register their SIM cards during a stakeholders engagement that was conducted in Koforidua.

“Close to 17 million customers have been able to link their cards which means that these customers have their Ghana cards and out of the total number of customers who have their Ghana cards only 10 million customers have gone through the bio- capturing process leaving over 6 million customers who haven’t gone through the bio-capturing process”.

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