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UK Fan Slams Black Sherif for Allegedly Demanding £50k to Perform at Ghana Party in The Park

A UK fan claims that Ghanaian rapper and songwriter Black Sherif overcharged the GPITP event organizers.

The disgruntled supporter called the young artist ungrateful for charging organizers too much to mount the Ghana Party in the Park stage.

The random fan claims that the musician has no right to demand what he thinks is fair payment for the effort he put out to create hit songs.

He claimed that despite the support of his followers and widespread promotion from those like him, Black Sherif had betrayed them.

The supporters attempted to discredit Black Sherif’s work of love by bringing up the names of legendary Ghanaians who had written a number of top hits.

He also used a biblical analogy to illustrate his point, all to paint a vivid picture of why Black Sherif cannot charge 50,000 Pound Sterling for a show.

Fans have generally criticized Blacko since the news broke.

Unfortunately, neither he nor his team have confirmed the reports.

However, some ardent fans have expressed their displeasure with critics who claim Blacko overcharged the organizers.

Watch video below.

Read a few of the reactions below.

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