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After Azpilicueta, Thomas Tuchel Names New Chelsea Captain

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho can relax knowing he has someone ready to take over if Cesar Azpilicueta decides to leave, despite Thomas Tuchel‘s best efforts to keep the Spaniard at Chelsea.

Mason Mount, a Blues academy graduate, has stated that he is ready to lead Chelsea as captain beginning next season.

Azpilicueta has just been at Stamford Bridge for slightly less than ten years, but he is already looking forward to a new challenge at Camp Nou.

Both of the aforementioned players are currently on Chelsea’s pre-season tour of the United States, with Azpilicueta missing the most recent appearance – a penalty shootout loss to Charlotte – due to a hamstring strain.

Mount wore the armband in his absence, which he discussed with reporters immediately after the game.

England’s international clarified:

“Yes, I am still young and learning, but anytime the opportunity to rise forward presents itself, I want to seize it,” she says.

“The gaffer put his trust in me to captain the team in the second half, and I accept that responsibility.” Whether we win or lose, I always want to be the one who can take it. To take it on the chin if we win and, of course, if we lose.”

Mount went on to say that, while his leadership style differs from that of previous Chelsea captains, he has absorbed knowledge from the leaders around him and is ready to take the next step.

He continued:

“I’m not the most vocal person,” she admits.

“I’ve never been that way. When I was captain of the Under-18 FA Youth Cup team, I always strived to set a good example on the field.

“But you have to bring that as well, and that’s something I’m continuously trying to learn from captains like Azpi [Azpilicueta] and Jorgi [Jorginho].” I’m just trying to learn from them and incorporate what I’ve learned into my game.”

It remains to be seen whether Azpilicueta will go, with Tuchel expressing his displeasure at Barcelona’s persistent attempts to lure him away from Stamford Bridge.

When asked if he is frustrated by the Catalan team, Tuchel replied:

“Perhaps a little.”

He expanded further by saying:

“It’s a difficult question since I’m not sure I want to give Azpi what he desires.”

“I told him several times that I understand him on a personal and professional level.” I can see his point of view. But it is not solely my responsibility to provide him with what he wants and what is best for him. I am also the manager of Chelsea, and I must do what is best for the club.”

Tuchel freely confessed that the relentless attention from Barcelona had turned his defender’s head:

“It’s a little tougher now since the other club is on him.” “It’s always on him, causing distraction.”


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